As an engineer at Track24, you’ll work with a team that develops products to keep people safe in the world’s most dangerous places. Our clients range from multinationals, charities and governments.You’ll be involved in all aspects related to product development, from the prototyping of ideas through to execution and scaling.

Your main focus will be on Smart24, a safety and security app used in over 150 countries. Many of our clients use Smart24 for safety and secure communication in areas of low and intermittent data services such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. As a result you will need to be able to adapt your expertise in Android development to build products that can work in the most challenging conditions.

We have a culture of continuous improvement, encouraging all employees to seek opportunities to develop. As a member of the team at Track24 you will be our expert in Android and be comfortable sharing your expertise with others. You will also have a passion to develop yourself, and to master other technologies. Importantly, you are driven to learn how technology can make our clients lives easier and you will have the opportunity to meet with clients at their work sites across the globe. Empathy, sympathetic communication skills and the ability to build relationships with people from a range of cultures and backgrounds are highly valued to us.

The Ideal Team Member

Preferably with formal computer science training, you’re adaptable and able to respond to new technologies and languages.
You’re a craftsman and that means a lot to you, you take great care over all aspects of your work.
You love solving problems, are able to challenge others when you see a better way, and acknowledge and learn from mistakes.
You are self-motivated yet enjoy a collaborative team environment where everyone is passionate about improving our clients’ experience.
You love research and development and will push yourself and others to learn and reach a higher level.

Qualifications and Skills

Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in computer science, engineering or related subject is preferred.
Have worked on published Android apps, ideally ones with geospatial, background activity and real-time components.
You will be comfortable with the Android ecosystem and its ongoing evolution.
Strong sense of good mobile user experience.
Experience with web API interaction and web API design.
Familiar with app submission process.
General knowledge of iOS frameworks and how to address Android parity issue.
Experience with app performance profiling.

We have openings for this role in our offices in London and Dubai.

If you so wish, you will have the opportunity to travel worldwide to meet our customers and collaborate with our teams.

We strongly believe in the value of growing a diverse team and encourage people of all backgrounds, genders, ethnicities, abilities, and sexual orientations to apply.

Some of the achievements of the team you’re joining:

Over the years, we’ve pushed our boundaries in terms of:

Handling data derived from satellite or GPRS devices and displaying that data on client interfaces in near-real time.
Building out a mobile and web-based mapping interface that can display and analyse millions of points of data.
Developing advanced driver and vehicle behaviour calculations derived from location and routing data.
Making our clients’ lives easier—that’s really important to us.

Things we’re interested in for the future:
Automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning are of interest to us, as is anything related to geospatial intelligence or machine-to-machine communications.

About Track24

Solve complex problems with technology. We’re focused on designing and building software that does complex things but that’s easy to use. We’re always interested in talented people. We look for people with a passion for making things better and a focus on customer experience.