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Junior Research Analyst Intern

About the Company

The Assembly

The Assembly is a community collaborative makerspace which brings stakeholders of smart communities together, to foster introduction and assimilation of research and leading edge technology in real life.

In its Smart Lab, the Assembly emphasises real life uses of intelligent technologies and access to smart innovations for social impact on the community at large and economic advancement for the City and the Nation.

The Assembly actively builds and supports interaction and association to help talent connect to expensive resources, for unbiased collaboration in order to execute life changing ideas with a defined focus on localization, improving quality of experience and quality of life by the use of right smart technologies.

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The Assembly’s Research Analyst Internship Program is a minimum of 3 months duration period. You will be exposed to the latest technologies in tandem to developing your research and analytical thinking skills.

  • Conduct Market research for the Tech and Startup Sectors
  • Ability to summarize large amounts of qualitative data into an actionable format and make recommendations
  • Use qualitative data to identify and decipher trends in the Tech Sector
  • Ability to document and relay information accordingly
  • Ability to conduct data analysis and develop strategies

Background in IT and startup experience is a plus

What’s In It For You?

  • Flexible work hours
  • Earn a certificate + references
  • Work with an awesome team


  • Undergrad or/and fresh graduate in any major
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Passionate, creative, motivated