This is a freelance project based assignment.

An award-winning startup is looking for a technical co-founder to lead the product development. Giftrapp is a startup with a basic MVP and a proof of concept of (already +6,000 installs) based in the UAE with roots in Armenia and in the US. The CTO’s job will be to plan and to execute the development strategy, building the architecture of the platform, lead the R&D, A/B testing, debugging, optimizing, hiring and managing a team of developers.

Technical Requirements:

Strong architecture skills, strong backend development, frontend is a plus. Python (Flask or Django) or PHP (Symphony or Laravel), JavaScript (ReactJS) or other frameworks that you master and can produce. Full-time engagement. Compensation and other perks can be discussed, depending on what sort of arrangement we arrive at.


GIFTRAPP is your one stop shop for everything gifts!
• Never receive unwanted gifts again.
• Never give a bad gift again.
• No more returning gifts.
• No more duplicate gifts.