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Technical with knowledge in Robotic

About the Company

Creative Innovation Technology

Creative Innovation Technology (CIT) is in constant pursuit of global market automation with robotics, computer vision, lean manufacturing, autonomous machine driving, visual perception, adaptive autonomy, and material handling.

We create a wide range of advanced solutions for the oil and gas, subsea, energy, mining, asset maintenance and integrity, utility, defense, disinfection and cleaning industries.

At the heart of our operation our customers can find a wide range of state-of-the-art inspection, test and measurement equipment for a variety of applications, including offshore oil platforms, offshore installations, engines, machinery, mining operations, projects infrastructure and manufacturing processes and high-tech disinfection gate.

We know from experience that industrial projects are fluid and that requirements change all the time and that our clients' circumstances are constantly changing and that they need quick and practical responses. That's where our flexible adaptability offers our clients a clear competitive advantage.

CIT's business is comprised of five fundamental pillars of ROBOT, ROBOMACHINE, DRONES, VIRTUAL REALITY, AND AUGMENTED REALITY, encompassing technologies that also consist of numerical controls, lasers, and inspections.

In addition, we create and develop a unique product on the market to combat viruses and bacteria by 99.9%, which is an open platform to disinfect public and private entities, without damaging the human body and with high sanitation benefits. It has been introduced as a new innovative and unique business.

Through such activities, CIT contributes to the development of the manufacturing industry worldwide, promoting automation and customer efficiency.

We support an ecology of sustainable mobility with futuristic lifestyles and social connectivity available to everyone, regardless of age or abilities.

We conduct business in a legal, ethical and responsible manner. We will always act with integrity and respect, protecting human rights, promoting safety and fair treatment, respecting the consumer and complying with laws against bribery and corruption.

We support the local community and participate in various volunteer opportunities.

We contract locally and in cooperation with local agencies and schools.

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We are looking for a Mechatronic Technician or Mechanical Technician or with knowledge in Robotics.