About AstroLabs

AstroLabs is a leading coworking space and digital learning academy on a mission to create a thriving startup ecosystem in the MENA region.

AstroLabs Communities operates two coworking spaces in Dubai and a new location in Riyadh, which is the first foreign licensed incubator in Saudi Arabia. Our spaces serve as a launchpad for top entrepreneurs to establish a local presence and scale up globally and for local entrepreneurs to get the support and community they need to grow and succeed. We are a community of entrepreneurs representing over 120 startups building a variety of innovative companies.

AstroLabs Academy delivers specialized courses on topics in digital business including digital marketing, coding, analytics & big data, UX design, and business development. We regularly run open classes available to the public as well as develop and deliver custom-made curricula for corporate clients and incubators/accelerators across the region.

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