A strong team of connectors, educators, and start-up kids at heart, the team at AstroLabs bring together an exciting pool of entrepreneurial talent from across business sectors. The Job site is an excellent extension of their efforts and the next best thing for new employers looking for real talent. We’ve already aggregated a few strong CVs and simply put: it works!

With access to talent through its Academy programs across MENA, AstroLabs has been very helpful in finding the right people to fuel Careem’s rapid growth over the last 2 years.  We are now excited to be part of the new AstroLabs Jobs Portal to hire the next wave of specialized talent we need.

After searching through our networks, LinkedIn and other job sites, we decided to try out the AstroLabs Jobs site – and we found our ideal candidate within 1 week!  The AstroLabs job site connects entrepreneurs with like-minded candidates, which was a welcome relief after 3 months of searching for a diamond in the rough!