Job Description:

The role of Consultant CFO, you will join The Scalable CFO’s network as a contractor. You will work with a variety of customers providing hands-on senior financial consulting experience. You will be participating in the customer’s journey by providing expertise on key decisions as a member of the executive team.

We request candidates to additionally fill their application on our jobs page to be considered for the role.

Role and Responsibilities:

The responsibilities you can expect to take on are subjective to the service requirements of the undertaken customers. From our experience, we feel these responsibilities are what can be expected:

  • Ensures the preparation of Financial Models and valuations for customer activities.
  • Work with the Owners / CEOs on financial implementation of strategic vision, strategies and policies.
  • Lead customer engagements by playing a key role in project management by scoping, budgeting, resourcing and allocating tasks to the team to meet deliverables.
  • Lead budget preparations, periodic reports and analysis of variances against forecasts.
  • Support customers with monthly, quarterly and yearly-end closing financial reporting.
  • Recommend implementation of Accounting policies and Financial reporting.
  • Align with the customer on the development of investor term sheets and cap tables.
  • Advise on customer asset deployment, inventory strategy and stock management.
  • Consultation with business owners and their legal team on action plans during various investment rounds.
  • Monitor, coordinate and optimize customers organizational cash flow requirement with banking partners and maintain adequate working capital requirements for investment.
  • Support the customer with the annual audit report. Supervise the audit at the level of the subsidiaries in coordination with customer local teams.
  • Advise on customers internal control procedures.
  • Implementation of risk assessments on customer’s environment.
  • Support customer with Tax preparations and resolution of tax issues.
  • Accounting information system consulting, modeling and implementation.
  • Provide guidance on how to utilize customer’s investments, taking into consideration risk and liquidity; oversee the capital structure of the company, determining the best mix of debt, equity and internal financing.
  • Support customer senior functional managers to grow the businesses formulating strategies and plans.
  • Improve customer Financial structure, develop an overall financial strategy.
  • Perform strategic, scenario and risk analysis as it relates to the financial plan.

Key attributes:

  • Adaptable and flexible as required to work in a complex and uncertain environment, including a startup or within a team
  • Strong will, work ethic and high standard of achievement
  • Ability to logically work towards a desired outcome in a complex and uncertain environment
  • Good communication, interpersonal skills, and an ability to listen and respond to input.
  • Excelling at clearly breaking down and explaining a complex topic verbally and in writing to a non-financial audience.
  • Thrives on flexibility and independence and entrepreneurial by nature.
  • Intent to develop one’s potential to be a leader or an expert.
  • Demonstrated senior Financial management experience 3 years.
  • MBA is an advantage
  • Global Associate or Audit level experience in a financial / numerical / analytical environment.
  • Big 4 or Top tier Consulting Firm experience or Finance best practice experience.
  • Minimum 10 years relevant work experience.
  • Knowledge with a variety of financial software solutions in accounting SAP ERP, QuickBooks, Dynamics and Oracle.
  • Knowledge in project management tools Asana, Google Apps and Microsoft Project.
  • Excellent knowledge of MS office – specifically excel and power point

About The Scalable CFO

In this dynamic role, you will be optimizing our customer’s journey across all stages of the business by applying your knowledge and expertise. We value collaboration and believe flexibility is key to success, by joining us you will be a part of our network of consultants where you will be required to work on-site or remotely.

We aim to provide financial leaders a channel to work with a variety of customers while exposing them to a wealth of new and challenging experiences. We understand the importance of work-life balance, we believe in providing the flexibility to work with the number of customers that serves your personal needs.