Job Description:

  1. Write Object oriented PHP
  2. Create the PHP framework for a large web project from scratch – including all the foundational libraries of the Classes
  3. Write mysqli and PDO objects to work seamlessly with MySQL RDBMS
  4. Scripting User authentication in SHA256-type encryption with Salt inclusion
  5. Create Relational Database and manage them via PHPmyAdmin
  6. Write Regular Expressions (RegEx) code to run defined searches in volumes of content.
  7. Writing code to record/store JavaScript events information into MySql database

Skills Needed:

  1. Strong Object oriented PHP (in PHP 5+ and PHP7 ) skills e.g. mysqli, PDOs, Classes, Interfaces and Traits
  2. Knowledge of SHA256-type encryption with Salt inclusion
  3. Fluent in MySQL and PHPmyAdmin
  4. Regular Expressions (RegEx) code
  5. Working knowledge of Object-Oriented Javascript – E.g. Constructors, Prototypes, Inheritance.
  6. Other good-to-have: Advanced CSS3 knowledge

General Profile:

  1. No educational qualifications or Corporate experience needed
  2. Must be willing to work long hours
  3. Should be comfortable with working in a home-type (non-office type) environment