Are you amazing at online marketing and creating an online community? Do you have experience growing an online website, e-commerce, marketplace or app? Are you passionate about data analysis? Are you up for an exciting challenge?

We are looking for an amazing growth hacker and digital marketing guru that can help grow our traction and users to the next level.

The challenge is reach a global audience of students, increase the life time value of our customers, create a dynamic and enganging online community of students and tutors, growing the brand and influence.

Work with us to continuously optimise and tweak our platform, generate more traction and be a part of influencing the direction of the company. Sticking to the lean startup methodology of optimising and tweaking based on feedback, continously learning from data and from our customers.

We are looking for someone with proven experience and track record to prove it, data driven and analytical, as well as someone with a proactive attitude with a hands on approach and passion to make things happen.
We are looking for:

1. Drive, manage, and test user conversion, activation, engagement; and increase traffic from various channels using data-driven growth tactics and strategies.

2. Entrepreneurial ability person with a passion for technology and community engagement.

3. Sound knowledge in growth hacking which includes technical writing, SEO/SEM, optimizing web traffic and conversion, email marketing, social media marketing, blogging, go-to-market strategy, growth strategy and execution.

4. Experience in JavaScript and HTML/CSS would be a great plus.

5. Highly developed customer orientation, communication skills and motivation

Required skills:

1. Proven track record of success in digital marketing in various channels.

2. Experience with the digital world and launching/growing apps, websites or ecommerce platforms. Prefered experience in the education or edtech space.

3. Created and managed a digital marketing strategy with proven results on execution.

4. Previous experience with a startup is preferred in startup or scale up phase.

5. Fluent in English. You must have good writen and verbal communication skills. Another language is a plus and not a must.

6. Passionate about education and technology.

7. Have over 5+ years relevant experience.

8. Experience with social media channels – facebook, youtube, twitter, instagram, tumblr, SEO optimisation, and more. Create content and visuals for adds and campaigns.

9. Curating and developing an engaged online community. Using growth hacking to utelize the databases, network and data that we already have to further grow our results.

10. Growth hacking with an understanding of data analysis and tracking.

11. A global and international mindset.

Here´s what we can offer you:

Maximum freedom for creative minds instead of convention and hierarchy. Doing instead of talking. Testing things out instead of debating them. An opportunity to make your mark and create results. Flexibility in terms of timing.
An international and dynamic team to work with.

Know you are good at what you do? This position will have a bonus related to self defined targets and goals. Success will be rewarded with cash bonus. Salary will be discussed based on role, experience and commitment

Please send a personalised cover letter with your cv to hr@teachmenow.com. Your application must include a cover letter that tells us why you want to work with us and why we should choose you.

We look forward to reading your application.

About TeachMeNow

Our mission is to make the world a better place through education.


Our vision is to improve accessibility through modern technology.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to help us create the next big thing. Help us shake up the scene using your strengths and bring new ideas to the table.

We are a dynamic young startup based out of Dubai, looking to grow the family. Be a part of this exciting phase and grow something that is growing fast.

About the team: We are result driven, value being practical, our work environment is flexible, and we are all very ambitious. Are you someone who wants to create something amazing, be empowered and are hands on?

Who we are? At Teach Me Now, we are an international mix that have passions for things like rollerblading, argentine tango, intellectual debates and indulging in amazing food at the office.

We are looking for people who dare to be different and want to be a part of something that help change the way the world learns.