We are looking for a visionary leader to be our Country Manager –GCC. Your primary ask will be the establishment of the startup from scratch, run and scale it leading the operations and commercial teams to drive revolutionary growth.

We need a jack of all trades with high analytical horsepower, good sense and experience in new market entry. You will need to possess distinct abilities and skills to allocate and use market health information to identify market gaps and solve the subtle problems and unforeseen issues for new operations.

Our Country Manger Wears the following Hats:

  • Problem finder who identifies potential growth and expansion opportunities for Vezeeta by retrieving, organizing and analyzing market conditions including industry trends and competitor information.
  • Networker who is able to establish rapport with the government medical arm and major healthcare providers.
  • Analyzer of qualitative and quantitative opportunities including financial projections and valuation analysis.
  • Disseminator of key messages, initiatives and information pertaining to the value Vezeeta brings to doctors, clinics and hospitals.
  • Hunter for partners from doctors, hospitals and healthcare providers, maximizing the business potential for both parties.
  • Planner for projects serving and expanding the customer base in high demand areas.
  • Strategy crafter for territory expansion by identifying key growth opportunities for Vezeeta.
  • Trust and credibility builder at all levels of the customers’ organization, including decision-makers across business functions and c-suite.

 Our Ideal Candidate Has: 

  • Solid experience in business development or consulting in the healthcare industry
  • Master’s degree preferred with 3+ years of market analysis or business development experience
  • Proven experience prospecting for opportunities
  • Exhibited ability to manage multiple, concurrent work-streams in diverse functions
  • Customer engagement at senior levels; building long-term strategic and executive relationships
  • Financial and business acumen; capable of creating unbudgeted opportunities funded from value of the solution or offering
  • Compelling presentation and communication skills tailored to needs of diverse audiences

Comes with the Job

  • Office Location: Dubai, UAE
  • Travel: 75% of your time 

Areas That Play to Your Strengths

If you are…

  • Deal closer: you form strategic alliances and seal partnerships in no time
  • Influencer: you have the ability to persuade and motivate others and get their buy-in into your decisions
  • Professional networker: you use every chance that presents itself to connect with the needed healthcare industry leaders who would partner with Vezeeta
  • Risk taker: You’re liberated from traditional methods of growth and ready to venture through new calculated risks
  • Decision maker: you are ready to make fast decisions with the available information at hand

Owner: you are this subsidiary owner starting from the P&L to the shop floor employee

About Vezeeta.com

Vezeeta.com is Healthcare industry-leading startup that emerged in Cairo, Egypt. We are pioneering the shift to automated physician, clinic and hospital bookings. In only 2 years we have become the go-to marketplace with comprehensive access to healthcare providers of every discipline across a multitude of insurance purveyor and specialist networks using our proprietary digital cloud based solutions.
Vezeeta eased the accessibility of doctors’ booking to be only a click away. You access our website or mobile app to choose your doctor by specialty, geographic area, insurance purveyor and fees. With more than 20,000 patients’ reviews and ratings available on the platform, users can readily determine the doctor with the best medical service and the least waiting time. Once the doctor is chosen, the patient can either book automatically from the website, the mobile app, or contact the call center.

We are moving vigorously with our expansion plans into the Gulf States and other regional geographies in the next 12 months and this is where the Country Manager –GCC will play an essential role.